Engaging Producing for People-Centered Stories

Powerful people-centered storytelling centers the voices of people who are most impacted. Often they hold marginalized identities. As a producer, I sweat the small stuff and bring a strong writing background to amplifying their voices.

Producing, like all of my work, is about building relationships.

  • Local and cable news
  • Townhall and special event
  • Podcast
  • Digital short
  • Documentary

A good people-centered story is going to have mostly the same elements on a podcast or documentary. I’ve been fortunate to produce content in the following formats:

Over the course of my career, I’ve found that narrative structure is similar across media. 

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When Russia invaded Ukraine, I joined CNN to interview the civilians caught in the conflict. 15-year-old Andriy shared his harrowing story with us.

Andriy and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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I was the first reporter on the ground in rural Barrio Bucarabones. I met 94-year-old Domingo Muñiz, who lived in a makeshift tarp-covered shelter. His story revealed the extent of the earthquakes’ devastation on Puerto Ricans still reeling from Hurricane Maria. 

Domingo Muñiz and the Puerto Rico Earthquakes

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After the Robb Elementary shooting, I was on the ground in Uvalde for CNN. There, I met 11-year-old Miah. President Joe Biden cited her story in a nationwide address on gun control.  

Miah and the Robb Elementary Shooting

I’ve humanized the people impacted by centering their stories. Here are just a few of the events I’ve covered and the people whose stories I highlighted.

Even as I covered some of the biggest stories of the past decade

Produced Poppy Harlow’s The Boss Files podcast for CNN

Wrote over 500 scripts for Anderson Cooper, including all fact-checking and research

Managed field crews including Directors of Photography, photojournalists, producers and talent, overseeing both logistics and editorial content

Field-produced long-form pieces and breaking news coverage in high-pressure situations including wartime Ukraine, Uvalde, Texas, a maximum-security prison in Maine, an avalanche zone in the San Juan Mountains, white nationalist riots in Charlottesville and Washington D.C., earthquakes in Puerto Rico, tornados in Tennessee and many others

Produced CNN’s three-hour flagship morning newscast, New Day, as anchor John Berman’s main producer, responsible for all interview preparation and research, fact checking, and logistics

Currently lead producer on a major, four-hour, two-film pair of documentaries about the life and legacy of a major American figure, for American Experience at PBS

Here’s a rundown of the types of producing I’ve done:

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