I’m Nora Neus, an Emmy-nominated producer, writer, and freelance journalist. My multidisciplinary work is focused on some of our world’s most challenging issues. It aims to amplify voices and motivate change.

People-centered Stories for a more equitable world

I explore challenging issues through a trauma-informed lens because, ultimately, this work is about hope. Hope for a more just world.

I wrote my first hard-hitting piece on the family computer: “Local boy throws corn at sister.” (Yes, I was the sister.) My work now spans television news, documentary filmmaking, graphic novels, non-fiction, and podcasts. All of my people-centered storytelling aims to amplify marginalized voices and motivate change.

My passion for ethical journalism as a critical component of democracy has taken me from local news to CNN. Now I’m continuing my work as a freelance journalist, producer, and author to reach adult and young people through national publications, books, and speaking engagements.

Since I was a kid, I've understood journalism as critical for creating a more just world.

A values-driven freelance journalist

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I write and produce on topics including the war in Ukraine, race and policing in America, and white nationalism.

I started my career reporting local news in Charlottesville. Then, I produced over 3,400 hours of live television at CNN in New York. Now, I'm a freelance reporter and author covering major national and international news for outlets including the Washington Post, POLITICO Magazine, VICE News, Teen Vogue, The Guardian, CNN, Trails Magazine, and more.

From local news to the top cable news network, I’ve been on the ground and in the room for some of the biggest stories of the past decade.

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The Longform Lab

The best writing is a collaborative act. Let’s bring your story to the world.

Do you have a message to share with the world but find you’re not sure where to start? Over the course of my career, I’ve developed tried and true techniques for turning an idea into a narrative worth sharing. Whether you’re working on a documentary, narrative podcast, novel, or nonfiction writing, I’m excited to support you through The Longform Lab. 

The Longform Lab includes a 6-week course and a wide range of editorial services. The course will take you from an idea to a complete piece of longform writing in just six weeks. If you’re looking for an even more personalized service, I’ll be a silent partner in your success through my editorial services.

Stories can change the world. Yours is worth telling.

One of my goals as a writer is to help people create meaningful connections with challenging issues. I write and speak on a variety of topics from modern journalism to graphic novel writing. I offer hands-on workshops for K-12 students and a variety of book talks for adult audiences.  

Do you want to equip your community to navigate complex challenges?

Community engagement is the heart of a thriving democracy.

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