Whether I’m writing a memoir for middle grade readers or oral history for adults, my books address a common theme: How do ordinary people do the right thing in dark times?

All of my books feature protagonists who embody the best of us. They’re citizen journalists and activists making the world a more equitable place through courageous choices.

Everyday people in extraordinary circumstances

Andrea Colvin, Editorial Director, Graphic Publishing; Little Brown, Books for Young Readers 

"Nora is a joy to work with; she is thoughtful and deliberate about her writing, which I’ve found to be incredibly well-researched, even when it’s fiction. She is also incredibly open to revision, and not afraid to look at her manuscripts from new angles and try new approaches—the best quality one can find in a writer!"

Kind Words from Editors

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Are you moved by stories of ordinary people doing their best to make the world a more just place?

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