Muhammad Najem, War Reporter

A teenage boy risks his life to tell the truth in this gripping graphic memoir by youth activist Muhammad Najem and CNN producer Nora Neus. 

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection; NPR best book of 2022; National Council for Social Studies- Children’s Book Council Notable Social Studies 2023 Selected Titles list

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“What an amazing story this is! One family’s struggle for survival in the chaos of Syria, and one boy’s courageous decision to risk his life to tell the story. This graphic memoir is inspiring and exciting, powerful and very poignant. I loved it!”
Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor

“Informative, gripping, and humanizing.” Kirkus

“The book arguably will be required reading, and deserves a place in the classroom alongside such works as Art Spiegelman’s ‘Maus’…and Marjane Satrapi’s ‘Persepolis'” —The Northern Valley (NJ) Press

“A beautiful book about an incredible boy. In telling Muhammad’s story, Neus simultaneously captures the extraordinary sincerity and courage of so many young Syrians, against the backdrop of a hideous war. Children everywhere should read this inspiring book.” —Clarissa Ward, CNN Chief International Correspondent

“A story of journalism at its most inspiring, its most heartbreaking, its most essential. Muhammad is a reporter who brings hope to a damaged world.”
—John Berman, CNN anchor

“A powerful true story that demonstrates the power of one young person determined to change the world. Everyone should read this phenomenal book.” —Victoria Jamieson, coauthor of When Stars Are Scattered

Muhammad Najem was only eight years old when the war in Syria began. He was thirteen when his beloved Baba, his father, was killed in a bombing while praying. By fifteen, Muhammad didn’t want to hide anymore—he wanted to act. He was determined to reveal what families like his were enduring in Syria: bombings by their own government and days hiding in dark underground shelters.

Armed with the camera on his phone and the support of his family, he started reporting on the war using social media. He interviewed other kids like him to show what they hope for and dream about. More than anything, he did it to show that Syrian kids like his toddler brother and infant sister, were just like kids in any other country. Despite unimaginable loss, Muhammad was always determined to document the humanity of the Syrian people. Eventually, the world took notice.

This tenderly illustrated graphic memoir is told by Muhammad himself along with CNN producer Nora Neus, who helped break Muhammad’s story and bring his family’s plight to an international audience.

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24 Hours in Charlottesville: An Oral History of the Stand Against White Supremacy

Release Date: July 18, 2023

A gripping oral history of the white supremacist riots that shook the nation and signaled the arrival of a polarizing new era, told from the perspectives of the anti-racist activists who fought back.

On August 11 and 12, 2017, armed neo-Nazi demonstrators descended on the University of Virginia campus and downtown Charlottesville. When they assaulted anti-racist counterprotesters, the police failed to intervene, and before the end of the day, a white supremacist had murdered counterprotester Heather Heyer.

This extraordinary account from Emmy-nominated CNN journalist and former Charlottesville resident Nora Neus provides:

*The drama, suspense, and pacing of a thriller

*Dozens of original interviews conducted with activists and politicians who were there

*Never-before-disclosed information, including new statements from then Charlottesville mayor Mike Signer and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe

*6 maps of key areas in Charlottesville illustrating the geography of the events depicted

STUNT GIRL (Hachette/ Little Brown, Winter 2024)