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That didn't happen. I felt lost without the structure of a newsroom and assignments coming down from on high. How was I even supposed to figure out what editor to pitch at any given magazine, much less figure out what kind of articles they were looking for? How could I prove my writing ability if I didn't have freelancing experience or clips? And once I did get my first assignment, how should I file my story? How do I get paid? And how do I pay taxes? 

I fumbled my way into answers to these questions, but now I'd love to share what I've learned (plus my unhinged physical copy-and-paste method for drafting thorny stories, pictured here).

This workshop has already passed, but you're in luck! You can buy a replay of the webinar from July 12, 2023 here:

when i started freelancing fulltime, i thought it would come naturally. After all, I had almost eight years experience in journalism.

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