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Due to the highly personalized nature of my media training, I don’t regularly run large-scale, generic workshops. However, I am able to provide quotes for custom internal presentations for companies, nonprofits, academic departments, and other organizations. Email me at

I’m an Emmy-nominated journalist with eight years experience in television, magazines, newspapers, and podcasts. I’ve produced and conducted interviews with everyone from President Joe Biden to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and from terrified refugees in wartime Ukraine to an 11-year-old who just survived a mass shooting. I also run media training workshops with mock interviews at Harvard University for humanitarians and aid workers through the Harvard Humanitarian Institute.

Why me?

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In a 50 minute one-on-one Zoom call, we’ll discuss your messaging goals, how to communicate that information authentically, and then practice mock interview questions. You’ll walk away with a full A to Z media strategy and practice answering tough questions. 

Investment: $275

Most media training is taught by PR professionals. Their basic advice is to speak in sound bites, push your product or viewpoint no matter what question you’re asked, and generally outsmart the interviewer. Let me tell you: as a journalist, that is so incredibly frustrating and counterproductive.

What if, instead, you approached interviews with not only deep clarity on the message you are trying to impart but also an openness to genuine engagement with the reporter’s questions?

At the end of the day, a “successful” interview or media appearance should be one where BOTH parties get what they need: promotion, clout, or sales for you, and expert information, perspective, and good quotes for the journalist. You represent yourself and your product well, while empowering the journalist to tell the story in an authentic, insightful way.

Ethical, Values-based Media Training

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- you have strong ethics and values that you’d like to bring to media appearances
- you hate the idea of “selling” yourself but know you need to
- you’re a corporate spokesperson, small business owner, academic, writer
- you’re wary of speaking to journalists because somehow you always put your foot in your mouth
- you want to follow anti-racist, pro-LGBTQ+, disability- and trauma- informed best practices

- you want to “win” an interview by steamrolling the journalist into
talking about what you want
- you have a general distain (or worse, hatred) for members of the press
- you are willing to lie to journalists

My media training IS
for you if:

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